Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Input + keep = loss ???

Bismillah, how are you?
Alhamdulillah, this time i just want to post a short post.

My friend just came to my room's window, gave salam..and he mentioned:

"When we have attended a class/seminar, if we do not share what we got/learnt...
SURELY the knowledge will be gone soon!!!"

And he left..

I was puzzled..WOW! what a good reminder..
So i just want to remind my self and all of us to
keep sharing the knowledge that we have and  learn something as we are compulsory to
 present/teach it to sb else tomorrow.

Jazakumullah n thanks for reading! :D
let's start sharing..sharing is caring..caring is loving...!

u can share yout thought in FB wall/ twitter/ SMS n etc.
.verbal also can! dare to try!

Jom study/halaqah/bincang2 satu ilmu/bab seperti mana kita kena present benda 2 esok..amacam? insyaAllah lekat di hati

“Sampaikanlah dariku walau hanya satu ayat” (HR. Bukhari)..selamat beramal.

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  1. cam tu jugak bila belajar, bila share dengan orang rasa macam lagi kita faham kan ;)

    moga bermanfaat.. share enything everything, kalau kita salah nanti ada orang tegur ^_^