Friday, December 31, 2010

New year...New mind?

Apa kabaq suma?
kpd para pembaca yg dikasihi Allah...
Smg Allah merahmati tahun baru 2011/1432H.....

Pada kali nie,sy nak kongsi cerita pasai sorg lg lecturer sy....(asik2 lecturer ja..x da modal lain ka...?)
Nama ustz nie ust Bahroddin..dia ajaq RIM(comparative religion in Malaysia)-a course that compulsory for those that have learn in SPM-Quran Sunnah n Syariah Islamiah...

Ust nie ajaq sempoi ja....x terhad/tertutup pada course outline(silibus),
satu haqi....
dia menerangkan pasal Islam,iaitu konsep Ad-din...
asalnya daripada perkataan ad..dainu(maksudnya berhutang)

lantas,fikiranku merawang kepada 1 soalan rakan Uia sy....
"kenapa aku kena solat,posa,zakat...len2????CUKUP la aku jadi baik,hormat org tua,berjaya..baik...."
"tapi kenapa?"

Ust Bahroddin terus mghuraikan konsep kita sbg org/hamba yg BERHUTANG..(ad-dainu).
My mind has been clouded by thousand of questions....Do we owe sth with Allah?
like accounting...UNLIMITED liablity?Really?Money?Energy?time?

We did not demanding to be created on the earth.....But Allah created us.....he actually gives Us CHANCES to be alive....have the happy life with our Parents(ibu bapa) n husband......Friends..teachers...n else.....

He gave all of us...the food,the shelter...clothes....air for us to breath...water....
The Perfect,Most comprehensive,advanced technolgy of human body....Eye...Ears...Hands...Legs..
and the most important part is the MIND(intelectual) that make us differ from the animals,trees..n others

why shall some of us still asking this question >
"I didnt ask to be created..suddenly he created me...why do i need to obey n worship him?"
These people such ungrateful people..Being created then dont want to obey..
Just imagine that you were not being created...Do you have the opportunity to have Frenz?Family?fancy cars(bugatti)?facebook account?

But,why you were struggling so HARD to enter the ovum..????

To wrap it up...
I wanna say here that in this new year...we shall and must be
-a grateful slave
-a slave that realize he OWING and acting like a borrower..not like a big BOSS on the earth!
-try to compare our good deeds with the bounty/nikmat given by Allah... is it the same/equal?

Adakah kita dah bayar segala nikmat(setimpal) yg Allah bagi....
rasalah diri ini sbg hamba yg berhutang setiap masa...

-hamba yg berhutang

Thanks for reading n picture today!
have a nice day!wailal liqa!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why must i do that???for what?

ada org x nie?
mcm x da je... x nmpak pun post baru.....

mggu nie x da xm mid sem,xm mid sem mula minggu depan.
sunday -Religion in mlaysia
friday-computer 2

Itulah khidupan sorg penuntut IPTA..(xm.....assigment...quiz....presentation...yada...yada)

X de keje lain ke?
dah nama pun pelajar memang la kena blajar...

when we talk about study....a question struck my head...why im not success like other students????
the managed to get CGPA above 3.5.....(dean's list)
they hold post some more...
they able to online everyday,play guitar/keyboard some more....
why not me?

I sat alone in the study room,took my executive planner...start viewing my past days...
no improvement...just a dull circle....
and then i'm ask my self-why i should work all out?strive? 

sb came into my mind n told me a story....

A long time ago,there live a King name Shah...
he called his three knights....'come here!'
three of them came hurriedly...they were Abu,Bakar n Che Din...

King:"today i wanna eat fruits...i wanna 3 of you..fill this 3 sacks full of fruits...bring back to me this evening....
late comers will be punished!"

Three of them went to the forest,find fruits for their majesty.....

Abu: "i will do my best to serve him"-he find the best fruits....juicy...nice smell....rape one.....
Bakar:"what a work....i should be in the castle..not doing a dirty job like this...just do it....."-he took any type of fruits..rape one...rotten hole(ate by squirrel) ants...smelly one,....and Done!

Che Din:"he just wanna test me...he got lot of fruits n meals already inside the castle...,Now i wanna sabotage him back!serve ur right!"-he took dry leaves...hard stone...small stick...grasses....and top of the sacks he put few fruits....

Three of them went back to the castle happily...
"oww majesty..these are your fruits...."
king:"good job!well done boys!"..........
       "Guard!take this three idiots,put them inside the prison!!!Now!"-with red n angry face....
3knights-"what?we have done our job!"

King:"haha...(just like film "SAW") wanna play game....i want you to survive in the prison for one week,with the fruits that you just TOOK....!"lets see who gonna survive...."

Bakar:ow man...!
Che Din:oh my god!

After a week...Abu still alive...still fit like normal...unfortunately...Bakar was very sick...should send to ICU...and the final survivor died.....

------------------------------THE END---------------------------------------------------------------------

This story thought me that what ever i do...the intention must to seek His pleasure...BUT..
we are actually preparing rewards for ourselves in the hereafter...
When we do the sinful act...BEWARE!we r preparing punishment for ourselves....

We must work ALL OUT(strive) for our the hereafter...
Just like the economy concepts...benefit>cost...(marginal analysis)
we must make sure our good deeds>sinful act =Paradise!
we CANT sure that our good deeds already n surely MORE than our sins.....Hopefully we will enter the paradise..ameeen....

Hopefully we enjoy the story(actually i took from fb in malay n taranlate it) n work all put from now!start small,start now!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

THE Reason.....

selama 3minggu,akhirnya dpt jua ku update blog nie....
semuanya gara2 masalah pengurusan masa yg kita alami...

teringat ak ktk klas mathematics 2,dgn madam Norlida....
Selepas km mendapat rzult kuiz masing2...dy meluahkan rasa kecewa dihatinya kerana kputusan km yg x memberangsangkan....lebey kurang la mcm nie:

Im really sad with ur rzult..u r NOT serious with ur study!why?
U should know which one is more priority.....Allah gave prophet Adam 24 hours n us 24 hours..
nothing LESS or MORE...the problem is how we manage our time?

I got 8 children and i hav a husband...I can prepare ur quiz paper,i type it back using laptop in the middle of night while look after my small child.....I prepare myself before i come to the class...what to teach you...what example and then u r not serious!

Just imagine that im not serious....i dont know what to teach...what example....what method...Do u like that type of lecturers????

u came to the class with zero preparation n then answer my quiz...u should be serious 4 things that u need to be serious...(pergh...memang terase kitaorg dalam kelas hr 2....)

pastu aku teringat msa sem 1,math gak dgn mdam Siti Rohimi,selepas hbeh mid suma dapat paper masing2.....

"All of u shouldnt be failed in any subject in this foundation centre....Why because u r a student and your job is STUDY...u r PAID by government to STUDY(the scholarship...)

Any reasons 4 u 2 fail? u got air conditioned classes...u got hostel...u got scholarship...u got a place in thankful 2 Allah....!!!(pergh...sekali lagi mcm 1 gergaji elektrik menggaru hati aku)

After that,im start thinking for what purpose im doing sth?for what reasons?
as an example,-watching a sister -watching a movie -playing DOTA -not finishing my assignment....
I should improve my self in this new Maal Hijr Year 1432...
In everything that im doing must have a very solid concrite platinum reasons....not just 1 reason.

To wrap it up,let us be a BETTER person in the new year of Maal Hijr,doing sth BASED on reasons/hujah2
and not be a BLIND follower....

Thanks 4 reading

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sharing or Forcing?method of dawah...

Good day n hope all of us will be in a good condition.ameeen
Today,we goin 2 revise which method are better in our communication in our daily life...
In my understanding,i believe that we need to SHARE in stead of FORCE/BLAME other people follow our understanding.

I give an example based on my experience..

Firtsly,im so sorry for putting your comments in my blog,n i hav deleted my comment before the red undrline:
It is actually about boycotting.I believe n practice boycotting...So,when i saw they were enjoying eating Fastfood,i ambushed them  with my AK47 mouth-telling to boycott McD and a little bit sacastic..hehe
"sembang Islam,tp x reti boikot McD....Tolong r boikot McD!!!"-this is way how i wrote.

the next day,there was a little bit sound cutting my was so hurt!(u know what im saying,rite?)
I keep silent n give a smile(senyum tige...not a kedahian..tigAAA...)

Then,i realize that the way i told them is not right! I need to share my opinion,not forcing them to follow my understanding...n i've deleted my 1st comment n add a new comment...see the RED underline in the pic..

Alhamdulillah, it was so good when other people start giving their opinion to my perspective instead of just ignore n start to insult each other...

so,no FORCING n BLAMING other people..start sharing,life is a share..u must share what u have,n u will get what u gave......even in the Quran.Allah mentioned that we need to practise "dawah bil hikmah"...
InsyaAllah.bro n sis...let's us start to practice advise ourselves n others with a strategy n a way that other people easily can undersatnd n follow it( bil hikmah) k

-the end-

Now,lets us focus on why we should give ADVISE///SHARE with other people?

Do i have any obligation on them?Are they my siblings?why i need to advise others???

The reason is (sb called this is the lowest level/tahap plg redah r...)

سُوۡرَةُ الاٴعرَاف
وَإِذۡ قَالَتۡ أُمَّةٌ۬ مِّنۡہُمۡ لِمَ تَعِظُونَ قَوۡمًا‌ۙ ٱللَّهُ مُهۡلِكُهُمۡ أَوۡ مُعَذِّبُہُمۡ عَذَابً۬ا شَدِيدً۬ا‌ۖ قَالُواْ مَعۡذِرَةً إِلَىٰ رَبِّكُمۡ وَلَعَلَّهُمۡ يَتَّقُونَ (١٦٤

And when a community among them said: Why preach ye to a folk whom Allah is about to destroy or punish with an awful doom, they said: In order to be free from guilt before your Lord, and that haply they may ward off (evil). 
See!Allah already mentioned that at least we try to be FREE from guilt!that is the lowest,but in other to advise  other people,it not just like a malay idiom "melepaskan batuk di tangga" meaning that doing sth just 2 to done the task without caring whether we reach the objective or not.we need to try our best so that other people going to 
accept our advice.

(The guiding of them is not thy duty (O Muhammad), but Allah guideth whom He wil".(2:272"

  yeah.of course Allah is the one who gave the guidance but we need to try our very best in advising other people
Advise ourself and advise other people...say sth that we practice.....ameeen
ok nice to c u alll,plez leave a comment n so sorry for my fault in THANKS 4 reading!!!k

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jualan Brotherhood Arts MEGA!!!-nak habehkan stok sempena Eid Adha

Assalamualaikum!!!Eid Adha to all! Semoga rakan2 berada dlm keadaan sihat dan beranio berkorban seperti nabi Ibrahim AS dan nabi Ismail AS.

Kepada pembaca blog yg dikasihi...

Tercari2 baju/t-shirt yg berkualiti dan harga yg berpatutan???Tercari2 hadiah yg sesuai utk rakan/keluarga
Rebutlah promosi ini ,serius x rugi...terhad taw!Belilah baju2 ini demi mewarnai khidopan akhirat anda.....

Thanks 4 visiting my blog!Now,lets check out the price n the pics...

Saya mengadakan jualan mega nak habiskan stok!!!
saiz(brother n sister) dah dlampirkan di bawah(pic no 11 n 12)..cek r saiz bahu hmpa brapa....

Bj T male-normal price rm 28/27

sekarang RM 20 only!!!
2 tshirt=RM 38 shj!!!

Bj T female -normal price rm 36/38

sekarang RM 30 Shj!!!
2 T=Rm 50 SHJ!!!

tempoh tawaran: 8 Nov ~ 12Nov 2011 SHJ !!!

Penghantaran boleh dierunding....(kelebihan pd org/student gombak n KL,ngan dok kat Kedah)

Berminat?sila send message kat fb saya (zainal abid zain)

or emel/ym kpd (FB-message)

thanks n jazakumullah!

Berikut adalah senarai stok yg maseh ada...sapa cepat...dy dapat...
kalo nak  1)tuliskan nma baju yg nak
               4)no hp/emel/fb

 Sila semak utk stok yg maseh ada....(x= dah habeh dah)
yg kotak colour kelabu 2 x da apa2...(msalah teknikal)

  1)one mission

2)Aslim Taslam-female

A;apahal kecoh2 cbuk2 promote jual baju2 camnie?
B;baju ni longgaq sangat,labuh plak 2....heh

Blogger:mudahnya mcm nie,sebenaqnya...Islam itu indah...L n P suma indah2 belaka... Islam tetapkan satu Garis hidop yg "ultimate" n "perfect" yg bwa kepada kebahagiaan dunia n akhirat yg KEKAL...pakaian pun Islam tetapkan..Beruntungnya jadi org Islam ;D...Justeru,kenapa soal soalan mcm 2?
3)Aslim taslam Male(rivert 2  Islam,you will be safe)


Selingan...iklan :D

Takut jgk,kita nak tgk gmbar..nant yg difahamnya ini cara yg sepatutnya/sebenarnya muslimah pkai....nanti aku sesatkan orang'uzubillah...sila cari cara pemakaian yg sepatutnya bagi sorang muslimah.

5)band of ikhwah(skrang dah x da di pasaran!)

6)Islam-freedom n peace

Bee Muslim

8)Muslimah Identity

9)hijab 4 epace

10)Me Muslim

11)female n size

12)male n size

13)noble character

14)Back 2 Quran
16)straigten ur saff

                                                         Stok yg masih ada........cepat!!!           


   18)Tree of Iman

Terima kasih kerana memilih n membeli produk2 kami! :D

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Bismillah,alhamdulillah selamat sampai di CFS iium Nilai yg dirindui setelah balik dr kem FASTRAIN oleh Leadershp traing dpartmnt(LTD)...

Pada keseluruhannya,kem ini mrupakan kem yg bpgisian yg menerangkan tggjawab sbg naqib TERBAIk yg sy pernah hadir....

Kepada semua sahabat2 fastrain,sy ucapkan tahniah,terima kasih x terhingga n harap dimaafkan ats segala kesalahan yg sy dah buat.terutama group 7(jungle tracking)..nasib baik,kalo x dah sesat kita dalam hutan 2...
G7:Credit 2 Iqbal(pj), muizzudin(pj) n sisters...

la ni,cek nak habaq mai pa dia hak cek blajaq kat sana....(apa yg aku pelajari)
kita pi 1 persatu..ok?

pengisian diberikan oleh Ust Muhadhir,Ust abd Majid,bro Izdihar,Bro Azhar,en Anuar Puteh(UKM)
tanngujawab sbg fasi..(yg kat bwh ni ucapannya yg sy dah edit..maap k)

Fasi/naqib-orang yg mengendalikan halaqah di dlam fard ain group/study circle di UIA
kejayaan n kesan halaqah2 nie byk bergantung pada barisan nuqaba'(faci's)
Kenapa agaknya walau nama Uia(ISLAM) ini masih,byk msalah sosial yg berlaku...apekah?
dimana perginya kesan halaqah2 ini?
pa kurangnya?

Jawapannya adalah Fasi yg x bertanngungjawab(one of the factor)
,maka perlu diingatkan bahawa fasi i2 satu tggjwb bkn satu kelebihan,it is a responsibilty not a prevlage...r u understand?

Paling penting,fasi mesti ada ilmu.kita kena cari ilmu...jgn smpai menyesatkan anak buah...mesti ikut usrah,hadiri program2 ilmiah,baca buku n tanya dr yg pakar..
x logik jika seorang berak n kencing ttp dy x pernah makan n minum,x logik sorg nk bwa halaqah tp x da input.naqib mesti ada input.lpas2 barubleh output.

baik,jadi kita nak fasi yg macam mna?kualiti yg bgaimana?rupa nya mcm mna?
Fasi mestilah menjadi contoh tauladan dari segi akhlak,penampilan n akademik
cth yg dbri oleh ust tatkala crita pasal pakain..adkah sama Polis trafik yg pkai UNiFORM n Xpkai Uniform n berdi d tgh2 jalan raya?mesti la org x patuh arahannya...
brothers n sisters kna pkai baju yg mnutup aurat,kemas n bersih...

kalo x,anak buah akan kata:"ek eleh,fasi ak ni sama ja mcm ak..pkai tudung singkat jgk....pkai baju melayu berkedut jgk...uish,fasi ak ni x pkai deodarent ka?bwuek...."

Fasi juga perlu mnjaga muamalat-ikhtilat antara brothers n sisters...Brothers paling penting jga pandangan
n berbincang bila perlu sahaja...Sisters...keraskan nada sura anda solah2 anda seruis..x payah buat suara lunak n mqengek...bahaya taw!tp jgn la smpai mcm suara lelaki plak n bnada tggi...ok

People nowadays judge by the cover,by hook or by crooke,we must conrol our attire..even our beloved prophet Muhammad(pbuh) always wear a clean n tidy cloth,cleanliness is a part of Iman...

pasal akhlak,fasi kna jadi contoh yg boleh diikut...akhlak i2 adalah tindakan spontan..kalo blakon nmanya bukan akhlak...
"bagaimana solat fasi group ak nie,pasaipa dia slalu dtg lambat ke kelas,kenapa dy asyk2 x siap kerja sekolah/assgnment,kenapa GPA dy x smpai thp minimum?fasi ak pun mencarut!kenapa dy bersikap lbih kurang ngan lecturer,kenapa dia bebas bergaul ngan sisters,bergelak2 n melawak perkara yg x patut n x da sebab?

..kenapa n kenpa...."

begitu byk soalan yg org timbulkan dari perwatakan kita..lagi tambah ragu2 anak buah terhadap kita n apa yg kta smpaikan kpd mereka..
.Jadi,untuk menghasilkan kesan yg baik dr hallaqh2  ini,FASI MESTI MENJADI QUDWAH HASANAH bg anak2 buah masing2..

Fasi juga perlu mencari susana utk mgembalikan roh/semangat utk melaksanakan tggjwb ini.suasana org2 soleh seperti pegisian2,halaqah,bincang2 ngan kwn2 yg sma fasi n saling bg peringatan.

Konklusinya,kita mesti jadi lebih baik dr saat ini n buat yg terbaik dlam membawa halaqah masing2...

                                                        (D-dawah fardiah -F)
satu persoalan menarik,nak habehkan silibus atau nak bina peribadi anak buah semaa halaqah???
kalo anda punyai pandngan bhw kita x patut habehkan silibus semata2 tp mesti bina peribadi.pd pandgan sy ,anda SALAh!!
sbg naqib,anda mst cuba mmbawa silybus sebaik(tetap n fleksibel) mgkn menerangkan dlm teorin praktikal(jgn ckp teori semata2),sy x kata perlu mghabeskan silybus,tp cuba sebaik mgkin..yg penting ank buah pham n bleh amal..
Untuk bina peribadi,,i2 diluar msa halaqah,,pergilah buat dawah Fardiah...berjumpa,main futsal skali,men dota sekali.dpg hang out men bowling sekali,pg makan sekali,cuba fahami tgkah laku anak2 buah n cuba selitkan nilai2 murni dalam aktiviti2 ni..

PENEKANAN:Cth;pastikan solat awal waktu,pilih kedai yg  bersih n halal,aurat,n tepati masa bila kita dah berjanji.

Agak2,kenapa perlu dawah?Sila cari jawapan dalam surah Al-a'raf;164
Kita berdawah bukan utk org berubah,kita berdawah spy kita terlepas n ada jawapan dihadapan Allah nanti,
Sila rujuk surah Al-baqarah(2:272)

akhir kata,marilah kita sibukkan diri dgn perkara berfaedah...Kita cbuk smpai x da msa nak terfikir mlakukan kemungkaran.ameen...
tolong komen jka ada sebarang kesalahn n kkrungan,sy minta maaf.

Rujukan lanjut:sila baca buku
1)dawah fardiah-fiqh dawah(Syeikh Mustafa)
2)bagaimana mnyentuh hati(Abbas As-sisiy)

Sunday, October 17, 2010



One Mission MTM 13 1 = 1L

"Terrorist? MTM12" 2 = 1XL 1L

Straighten Your Saff MTM 10 2 = 1XL 1L

Aslim Taslam (m) MTM 07 1 = 1XL

Me Muslim MTM 06 3 = 2XL 1S

Back to the Quran MTM04 1 = 1L

Band of Ikhwah MTM01 2 = 1XL 1S


"Proud to Bee a Muslim MTF12" 2 = 1S 1L

Tree of ImanMTF11 4 = 2S 1L 1M

Noble Characters MTF 09 2 = 2S

Aslim Taslam (f) MTF 08 5 = 2S 2XL 1M

Good Girl Prays to Allah MTF07 9 = 2XL 4M 3L

Islam: Freedom & PeacMTF06 3 = 2L 1M

Muslimah Identity 2 4 = 2L 1M 1XXL

Hijab for Peace 1 = 1XL

The Beauty 2 = 1S 1L

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

subliminal message[DANGER]

salam bro n sis! just wanna share with all of you about "subliminal message"..WHAT is that??? A hidden message is information that is not immediately noticeable, and that must be discovered or uncovered and interpreted before it can be known. Hidden messages include backwards audio messages, hidden visual messages and symbolic or cryptic codes such as a crossword or cipher. Although there are many legitimate examples of hidden messages, most so-called hidden messages are merely the fanciful imaginings of conspiracy theorists. Nowdays,they are actually endoctrine our folllow them,think like them n be like them... Including many advertisements out there.. please watch 51 episodes of "the arrival"..find it here~ n log on 2:~ thanks 4 reading!!!: D

Monday, October 11, 2010


Irving Fisher - His Life
Fisher was born in New York state in 1867. He studied science and philosophy at Yale. Here he had a wide variety of interests. For example, he published poetry and works on astronomy, mechanics, and geometry. Despite all of these interests, Fisher was most interested in mathematics and economics. Yale did not have an Economics Department at the time. Regardless, Fisher continued with his interests and earned the first Ph.D. in economics ever awarded by Yale. Fisher stayed at Yale for his whole career.

Fisher had many interests. Due to developing and surviving tuberculosis in his early 30s Fisher had a great interest in health and hygiene. He wrote a national best-seller titled How to Live: Rules for Healthful Living Based on Modern Science. Fisher was also an inventor. His company merged with another to form Remington Rand, which was later known as Sperry Rand. This merger made his a very wealthy man. However, he lost a great deal of this wealth in the stock market crash of 1929. During his life Fisher also campaigned for Prohibition, peace, and eugenics. Fisher died in New York April 29, 1947.

Irving Fisher - His Work
Fisher was a mathematical economist. However, unlike many academics he was also a very clear writer. Thus, he became Fisher was founder or president of both the Econometric Society and the American Economic Association. Although he damaged his reputation by insisting throughout the Great Depression that recovery was imminent.

Irving Fisher was one of America's greatest mathematical economists and one of the clearest economics writers of all time. He had the intellect to use mathematics in virtually all his theories and the good sense to introduce it only after he had clearly explained the central principles in words. And he explained very well. Fisher's Theory of Interest is written so clearly that graduate economics students, who still study it today, often find that they can read—and understand—half the book in one sitting. With other writings in technical economics, this is unheard of.

Although he damaged his reputation by insisting throughout the Great Depression that recovery was imminent, contemporary economic models of interest and capital are based on Fisherian principles. Similarly, monetarism is founded on Fisher's principles of money and prices.

As with many Classical economists, Fisher had a varied background. He was born in New York State in 1867 and his first specialism was mathematics. He graduated from Yale with a BA in maths, but then he turned to economics, gaining a PhD, and was very influential in a variety of areas. One particular area was his development of index numbers - a mathematical technique that is invaluable in economics. Index numbers that we use today include the FTSE index to measure share values and the RPI to measure inflation.

He also wrote about and campaigned for world peace, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle and was often regarded by his colleagues as something of an eccentric. His influence waned towards the end of his career, but he left behind a legacy of theory that is still very important to us. Much of the Classical and Monetarist theory of inflation is based on his (Fisher) Equation of Exchange.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

catering owh catering...

Assalamulaikum,lma btoi x mnulis...kali ni sy nak kongsi pasal cuti 1st sem CFS IIUM....
Ini coretan peringatan utk diri n kwn2...

Bila cuti mendatang,banyak btoi plan yg dicipta n direka2...da yg munasbah n da yg x msuk aqal...
baru2 ni lpas hantar abg long sy p KlIA,balik p rmh kwn2...alang2 dah ada kat KL...

Pg open house,lawat ckg sakit(x kenal pn ckg 2 coz ckg kwn),baiki Hp,jln2 Pavillion,Plaza berjaya,TS,LY n banyak lg...
Jadi,sebelum kaki melangakh kluaq rumah....1 perkara WAJIB mesti dbuat...cuba teka,pa dia???


Walau ke mana kita melangkah,walau apa yg kita perkata n perbuatkan,setiap detik saat yg berlalu mestilah diniatkan utk mnecapai
1)redha 2)kasih sygnya 3)phala dr ALLAH SWT

niat i2 WAJIB diperbahrui dari msa ke masa...
BUKAN di dalam bas se wak2 awl2 perjalan...
BUKAN sewak2 bpk/mak kita hantaq pendaftaran msk IPT/matrik/etc....
BUKAN sewak2 kita pkai kasut/croc/sneakers/high heel/hell shoes...

IA adalah tugasan setiap masa...
KERNA setan x pernah leka sesaat menukar niat kita...
KERNA kita ada nafsu yg melaalaikan...
KERNA kita mudah lupa asal usul kita...

Cuba bayangkan kita 'hang out' semata2 cari keredhan kwn2...sampai mengenepikan redha ALLAH(/lewatkan solat/aurat)...
adakah ni nmanya member???
kalo kita utamakan kawan smpai gadaikan redha IBUBAPA,inikan "ukhuwah fillah" yg dilaung2....
Klao kita utamakan nafsu,jadikannya sebagai Raja...memahkotakan nafsu dlm setiap amaln(movie x baik/dating/makan x kira halal)...inikah kita Hamba kpd NYA...
kita lupa tujuan kita diciptakan...Layakkah kita makan juadah ketika kita 'hang out'...???
Layakkah kita sedut oksigen yg diberi PERCUMA semata2 utk MENIGKAT kemurkaanNYA???

Oleh itu,kwn2...nak hang out cuti2 x salah...tapi mesti jga batasan,antara yg penting:

2)solat berjamaah n awal waktu..ajak r member pg surau...pasaraya bsaq2 suma dah ada tempat solat..tepuk dada tanya iman...

3)Jaga pergaulan LLk Perempuan...bertemu mst ada HAL MUSTAHAK yg perlu deselesaikan...setakat nak eratkan "UKHUWAH" yg dihiasi cantek leh setan x payahlah...ada yg x taw malu p "upload" gambaq di FB,berdua2...hmpa x taw ka gmbaq mcm2 bleh bwa fitnah???yg bestnya dr latar belakang sek Agama....

4)carilah makanana yg HALAL,mcm Chicekn rice shop,KFC,kalo da restoran x glamour tp pemakaian peniaga n kebersihana meyakainkan sudah cukup...kenapa kita habehkan RM 10 utk (lunch/dinner) sedangkan kalo kat warung kita bleh dapat RM4(nasi ngan air minum di CFS IIUM)...
TAKUT2 kita termasuk dalam golongan yg berlebih2n...nau'zubilah min zalik
satu lagi...boikot laa STARBUCKS ngan MacD...

5)Rancang aktiviti berfaedah..
-(eg:p wat catering..dpt pengalaman n wang,baru taw betapa susuahnya nak cari duit...kalo hhmpa rasa mcm mna sy rasa penat hr Catering 2..mst duit gaji 2 hmpa x kan belanjakan sesuaka hati...sebab?hasil titik peluh sendiri...)
-(eg:you can play bowling,having precious time together2 instead going to Karaoke/watching bad movie that reveal foreigner aurah that make ur sins increases...too bad!)

to wrap it up,plan ur holiday!make it benefit 2 ur life n ur future...take care...espeacilly our eman...
thanks 4 reading...Wassalam....

Friday, September 17, 2010

Salam eid fitr

Bismillah Selamat hari raya maaf zahir n batin kpd suma family mmber,guru2,kwn2,n suma Umat Islam di dunia. -Taqabbalallah minna waminkum(moga Allah menerima amalan kami n amalanmu) -kullu am wa antum bikhair -minal eidin wal faizin Semoga kita terus istiqamah beribadha mcm bln Ramadhan,kita hamba Allah bukn hamba Ramdhan.. Semoga Allah meredhai n menerima sgala amalan kita di bulan ramadhan... Semoga kita bebas dr api neraka.. Amiin...... Jom posa 6 syawal!!! "sesiapa yg berpuasa pd bln Ramadhan lalu diiringi dgn posa 6 hari dlm Syawal,seolah2 dia telah posa setahun"-maksud hadith Jgn lepaskan peluang!!! 21-27 sept ada xm final 1st Sem...doakan sy berjaya!!!bittaufiq wannajah utk suma... Wassalam

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tarikh Lailatul Qadar(LQ) 2010...

Bismillah.....kali ni penulis nak kongsi tarikh LQ 2010....

Sapa nak taw kena baca smpai habeh...kalo x,x taw laaa
Tulisan nie ditulis berdasarkan program Iftar kat UIA Gombak baru2 nie...

Sebelum kita taw tarikh dy,kita kena tahu kenapa Allah menganugerahkan LQ pada umat NB muhammad saw??? kenapa x umat NB lain???

"LQ lecih baik dr seribu bulan"-Al-Qadr.=83 tahun...byk 2....
"umur ummatku antara 60-70 thn"-Sebab tulah Allah anugerahkan kpd kita,umat dlu2 kan umue mereka mencecah ratusan tahun....Allah Maha Adil.....
Slide 19

Imam malik menyebut bahawa LQ adalah hadiah khusus dari Allah buat umat akhir zaman

Jadi kita yg umur singkat nie,marilah kita kejar LQ,carilah ia.....
"dah la umuq pendek,x sedaq diri!2 pun x nak cari LQ!!!"-nau'zubillah....

Sekarang kita beralih kpd tarikhnya...sapa taw?

Dulu2.Nb Muahammad Saw tahu bila tarikhnya n Nb nak bgtaw sahabat2nya....ktk baginda dah hampir dgn sahabat2,beliau dapati terdapat pertelingkahan antra mereka.Maka terus lupa bilakah tarikhya.
Ada juga pendapat Nb x lupa,tp terus x jadi nak bagitahu...

Moral of the story~ perteligkahan/gaduh menghilangkan kebaikan.....

Back 2 our main topic...what is the date of LQ??? Let us discover together !!!:
Beberapa pendapat...

Slide 14
Secara jelas, LQ berlaku dalam bulan Ramadhan:
(beberapa hari yang ditentukan itu ialah) bulan Ramadhan, bulan yang di dalamnya diturunkan (permulaan) Al Quran”- surah al-baqarah ayat 185
Slide 16
Pendapat Paling Kuat
Pendapat yang paling kuat Dari Aisyah disebutkan bahawa Rasulullah bersabda:“carilah LQ pada malam-malam ganjil dari sepuluh malam yang terakhir di bulan Ramadhan”
Dari Abdullah bin Unais dituturkan bahawa Rasulullah bersabda “aku diperlihatkan LQ. Kemudian aku dilupakan darinya dan pada pagi harinya aku melihat diriku bersujud di atas air dan tanah liat”. Abdullah berkata, “hujan mpun turun pada malam 23 ramadhan lalu Rasulullah pun solat bersama kami. Beliau  pergi sedang pada kening dan hidungnya ada bekas air dan tanah liat”. Abdullah bin Unais mengatakan “hal itu terjadi pada malam kedua puluh tiga”-HR Imam Muslim
Slide 17
Zirr bin Hubais menuturkan “aku berkata kepada Ubay bin Kaab, “saudaramu Ibnu Masud berucap, barangsiapa yang bangun malam selama setahun, ia akan menemukan LQ”. Ubay bin Kaab pun berkata, ‘ Ibnu Masud menginginkan agar orang-orang tidak terlalu bergantung. Bukankah ia sudah tahu bahwa LQ itu ada di bulan ramadhan,pada 10 malam terakhir, dan pada malam 27? Kemudian ianya bersumpah bahawa LQ itu berada pada malam 27, lalu saya tanya ‘atas dasar apa anda mengatakan seperti itu, wahai Abu Munzir? Ia menjawab, “atas dasar tanda-tanda yang yang telah diberitahukan oleh Rasulullah bahawa pada hari itu matahari terbit tanpa sinar”- HR Imam Muslim
Abdullah bin Abbas berkata bahawa ada seorang lelaki mendatangi Rasulullah dan berkata, “wahai nabi Allah!aku adalah orang yang sudah tua,sangat susah bagiku untuk melaksanakan qiamulail. Suruhlah aku mencari satu malam, mudah-mudahan dengan malam tersebut Allah menganugerahkan aku LQ. Rasulullah bersabda, engkau harus memantaunya pada malam ke 27 “ HR Ahmad
Itulah yg saya sempat kongsi pada coretan hari ni,esok nak cuba qiam,x bleh tido lambat.k
Happy Lailatul Qadr 2 all my family and my members.....It is not to late for us to seek LQ and improve our good deeds...Better late than never...wailal liwa' massalamah

Assalamulaikum,thanks 4 reading!
Slide 18

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ramadhan Kareem.....

alhamdulillah dpat jua bolg ini diupdate sblum Ramadhan bermula....
selamat menyambut Ramdhan kepada semua muslimin n muslimat.....
Tingkatkan ibadah n pastikan kita grad dr Universty of Ramadhan dgn pncapaian CGPA TAKWA lebih baik dari thn lpas....
Anggaplah thn ni Ramadhan yg terakhir utk kita,pluang terakhir utk kita padamkan/delete all the past SINS...

Sedikit perkongsian:

Sahabat dulu mengamalkan 2 perkara ktk ramadhan
a)hope/raja'    -SEMUA amalan diterima Allah
b)worry/khauf  -amalan X DITERIMA Allah

Moral of the story,when we want to do 'amal soleh' example performing Taraweh prayer, we must do the best that we can bcoz we afraid that it is not accepted/approved by Allah and we hope so MUCH that He will accept it....Ameen...

1 lg,ingat yee.ramadhan bln utk menggemukkan/memontelkan/memboyotkan PAHALA,bukannya PERUT..........!!!!(wana'u zubillah min zalik)

Thanks 4 reading,enjoy ur ramadhan as a Worship festival!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


In the Name of Allah the most Gracious and Merciful....

I hate to play futsall actually but everything changed until one day...

After playing futsall with my seniour (Uia Gombak),the brother call us to gather(cool down).
Then he gave a short tazkirah...

"Sebenarnya,bila saya join usrah,baru saya minat bersukan.Sebagai muslim,kita mesti seimbang dari akademik,sosial n sahsiah.sesugguhnya Allah sayang pada pemuda yg lebih kuat dr yg lemah.
Kita x bleh r asyik study....kena main gak(terasanya aku...).Paling penting main kerana Allah n nak rapatkan ukhuwwah."

I keep quiet...than i realised  that how important of exersices and it can be a part of da'wah....
Thanks 4 reading...wassalam....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ISM test rezult...

Bismillah,alhamdulillah i managed 2 top high scores in my class,105012
plez check


Saturday, July 3, 2010

post UIA nilai- "ku berharap"

Assalamualaikum,kepada para pembaca harap maaf sebab x update blog dek kesibukan n ketidak pandaian mgurus masa serta jiwa yg asyik meurut nafsu...

satu perkongsian ringkas,mohon bermanfaat bagi semua.
apabila kita terdesak,perlu meminta bantuan n kita hanya tahu yg Allah shj yg dapat bantu kita dalam keadaan tertentu,pada waktu itulah kita akan meletakkan harapan yg tiggi kepadaNya.

mulalah solat yg dalamnya hadir hati ini yg penuh rasa rendah,kecil,x bermaya n berkuasa melainkan dengan izinmu.sepnuh tumpuan diberikan agar solat n Doa kita dterima olehnya...seakan2 x pernah kita solat sekhusyu' itu.....

selepas maslah kita selesai,kita mula bongkak,solat pun nak cepat abis,doa pun mula x dihayati,hati tidak hadir dalam solat..DI MANAKAH PUNCANYA???

Kita hanya mohon bantuan pabila kita susah n gelisah serta ditimpa masalah yg susah2....
waktu senang kita ingat kita mesti menang serta menjadi  terang tang2...
kita lupa yg pemberi masalah n pemberi kesengangan adlah Allah...

Mudah2han kita sentiasa mengingati Allah di kala senang n susah...Amiin

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Selamat hari Guru

dalam post yg pendek ni,dalm kcbukan menyipakan diri nak pi UIA,
sy nak Ucapkan

SeLaMat HaRi gUru pada Semua guru di Malaysia terutama cikgu2 KISAS,SMK AGAMA SIK,Sek Islah n Sek Azhar n especilly my Parents!Hanya Allah yg dapat membalas jasa baik kamu semua.Ya Allah,kau berikanlah mereka KEIMANAN,KESABARAN,KESIHATAN,KEKUATAN utk terus mengajar n mencorakkan anak2 Malaysia...Mohon restu dan kemaafan darimu~Jasamu dikenang....~

 Doakan kejayaan ku di Asasi UIA nilai,k 


Sunday, May 9, 2010

HARAM sambut hari Ibu???


Thanks to Allah fot gave me The Best mum in the world,

Ibu,abid sayang ibu!!!

mohon maaf sagala dosa dari hjg rambt smpai hjg kaki......
mohon restu dan doa darimu..................
YA Allah,kau berilah ibuku kesihatan fizikal n mental,kau murahkanlah rezkinya,kau tempatkanlah di Syurgamu sebaris golongan para Nabi dan para syuhada,kau jadikanlah kami anak yang soleh.

Bawah ni post yg aku dapat,sapa da pandangan lain,toong comment k.TQ

Sambutan Hari Ibu Haram?

Mari kita singkap makna sebenar Hari Ibu / Mother... See More’s Day menurut Wikipedia : “One school of thought claims this day emerged from a custom of mother worship in ancient Greece, which kept a festival to Cybele, a great mother of Greek gods. This festival was held around the Vernal Equinox around Asia Minor and eventually in Rome itself from the Ides of March (15 March) to 18 March. The ancient Romans also had another holiday, Matronalia, that was dedicated to Juno, though mothers were usually given gifts on this day. In some countries Mother’s Day began not as a celebration for individual mothers but rather for christians.”

Maksudnya di sini ialah bahawa hari ibu juga merupakan salah satu di antara perayaan yang disambut oleh orang kafir iaitu masyarakat yang beragama kristian. Greek kuno memanggilnya sebagai hari cybele iaitu ibu kepada dewa-dewa mereka. Dan Roman kuno pula meraikan hari matronalia sebagai tanda memperingati dewa juno iaitu mak kepada juventas, vulcan dan mars.

Jadi persoalannya di sini, perlukah kita sebagai orang Islam untuk menyambutnya?

Di dalam Islam, kita dituntut untuk menghormati ibu bapa kita setiap masa dan ketika. Bukannya hanya terhad kepada hari-hari tertentu sahaja seperti pada hari ibu atau hari bapa.

Firman ALLAH Subhana Wa Ta’ala : Dan Tuhanmu telah perintahkan, supaya engkau tidak menyembah melainkan kepadaNya semata-mata, dan hendaklah engkau berbuat baik kepada ibu bapa. Jika salah seorang dari keduanya, atau kedua-duanya sekali, sampai kepada umur tua dalam jagaan dan peliharaanmu, maka janganlah engkau berkata kepada mereka (sebarang perkataan kasar) sekalipun perkataan “Ah”, dan janganlah engkau menengking menyergah mereka, tetapi katakanlah kepada mereka perkataan yang mulia (yang bersopan santun). Dan hendaklah engkau merendah diri kepada keduanya kerana belas kasihan dan kasih sayangmu, dan doakanlah (untuk mereka, dengan berkata): “Wahai Tuhanku! Cucurilah rahmat kepada mereka berdua sebagaimana mereka telah mencurahkan kasih sayangnya memelihara dan mendidikku semasa kecil.”
[Surah al-Israa’, Ayat 23 hingga 24]

Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradhawi pernah berkata, “Hari ibu ini timbul kerana pihak orentalis/doktrin barat memikirkan bahawa inilah cara yang terbaik untuk mereka menarik minat anak-anak remaja barat agar menghormati orang tua mereka. Umumnya kita tahu bahawa masyarakat barat amat tipis dengan adab tatasusila, jadi dengan mengadakan/mengkhususkan hari-hari tertentu sekaligus dapat memupuk remaja mereka agar menyayangi dan menghormati orang tua mereka.”

Manakala masyarakat kita pula umumnya lebih cenderung dengan budaya ikut-ikutan. Sentiasa terpengaruh dan terpedaya dengan budaya orang kafir dan barat. Bila orang kafir sambut hari valentine kita pun nak sambut sama! Bila orang kafir sambut april fool, kita pun ‘fool’ sama kerana sambut hari karut tu! Bila orang kafir sambut hari ibu dan hari bapa kita pun nak buat sama! Sungguhpun perayaan ini murni dari pandangan mata kasar kita. Tapi hakikat agama Islam kita tidak pernah mensyariatkan atau menuntut umat-umatnya agar menghormati dan menyayangi orang tua mereka, suami atau isteri mahupun anak-anak mereka pada hari-hari tertentu sahaja.

Rasulullah Shalallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam pernah bersabda : “Sesiapa sahaja yang menyerupai sesuatu kaum itu , maka dia itu termasuk di dalam golongan mereka”
[Hadits Sahih - diriwayatkan oleh Imam Abu Daud R.H dalam sunannya, Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal di dalam musnadnya Dan Imam as-Suyuti di dalam al-Jamie’ as-Shaghir, disahihkan oleh Al-Albani]


Monday, May 3, 2010

~Cinta IPT~

salam IPT dan salam mahabbah.

Pa kabaq semua?
harap2 chat2 blaka....

Ak da cqita utk korang sume,memang sssuai dgn remaja yg nak masuk IPT,moga2 bermanfaat n mghdopkan blog ni.....

ada sorg girl(R),dia dr SMKA,pastu masuk IPTA....
maka terKEJUT beruklah ia akan suasana yg baru dan yg berbeza dgn zman dia kt SMKA
maka dia pun berasa JANGGAL bila x bercouple,
maka bermulalah episod mencari balak/playwood pun bleh

datang sorang Lelaki,namanya J.

bleh kita bercouple?

si R pun tersipu2 malu,maka terimalah pelawaan itu
R & Jun berjlan2

J;may i hold ur hand?

R;no,it is haram!

finally,they clashez....

So R so sad and disaapointed.. T-T
came another guy,mr K.

K;may I be ur boyfrend?

R;oh may god!thanks!of course,sure can!(i dont want 2 clash anymore..)

after few days,hanging out with keep touching their hand each other,

K:may i kiss U?

S;no way!it haram!

they clachez......

o R so sad and disaapointed.. T-T
came another guy,mr W.

W;may we be a happy couple?

R;oh may god!thanks!sure2,no doubt(i dont want 2 clash anymore..)they dating,and mr R asking,"can we having sex?"
R;No Way!YOU are 2 much!we r clashez..

R so sad,she keep crying again and again ,day and night...

 the next day,came a handsome man(mr X)
X;can i help U?
R;i just clashez,im so sad
X;dont worry,im always ready 2 help U,i can ur boyfrend
R;oh!thank you so much!I will do anything as long as we can be a happy couple
after a few days,
X;can we having sex?I sumpah akan bertanggung jawab sepenuhnya...
R;(i dont want to loose any guy anymore),ok!

R got pregnant,and
X;Ek eleh...,2 bukan anak aku,ko lyan ramai llk lain
X menhilangkan diri

Di atas adalah cerita sebenar,"R" pun masuk RhaudatusSakinah(tempat pmudi2 msalah)
Cerita diatas x da kena nak diskriminasi mana2 pihak.Ambillah 'Ibrah/pengajaran dr cerita ni.

 Kenapa hari ni terlampau BANYAk Bayi dibuang merata-rata???

Kenapa hari ni banyak masalah sosial(rogol/zina/couple)???
Anda bijak jauhi ZINA!!!

Persoalan menjadi hanya SOALAN n x dijawab

kalo DIJAWAB,hanya sekadar menjawab,Xdak langsung TINDAKAN yg diambil.....
Oleh itu,ak berpesan pada diri sendiri n kwan2 sume:

Mari kita ambil tindakan,

Ungkapan di KISAS:"Innal bughas biardhina yastansir" Brung pipit di bumi kita akan keluar sebagai Garuda/helang.menjadi Kenyataan.Amiin!

Kita yang buat keputusan:Aku nak trus jadi PIPIT/atau HAIWAN ternakan atau nak jadi GARUDA yang membimbing diri n org len ke arah kebaikan.

Sama2 kita jadi peggerak kebaikan di IPT,join la rakan masjid/usrah, paling kurang pun pilih kawan yg Baek.Kita mesti berkawan dengan SUME org tp berSAHABAT dgn org2 yg baik.
paling kurang x jadi makin teruk,still maintain n istiqamah cam kat 503

Ingatlah kata Azry:"keluaq Kolej Islam x bermakna Kluaq Islam(murtad)"Na'uzubilah...

Moga2 dapat dipanjang dan disampaikan kepada orang lain,mohon maaf kalo terkasar bahasa dan tersalah n buta dosa kepada member2 sume.
mhon teguran dulu,kini,selamanya dr sahabat2 sekalian.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

~Susahnya menjadi Mu@lLim ~

belakangan ni adak busy sebab jadi jg cikgu sementara/muallim.
post ni utk sapa nak yg taw pengalaman jd ckg full timer,Please enjoy!

Yang dulu 2 ngajor quran pagi2 je,la ni dah jd full timer.

Ceqita dia cam ni,ada satu muallimah dah pindah,Jadi x da sapa la yg nak gantis ecara adhoc.
maka diriku ditawarkan utk mengajar selama 2 mggu di pusat pendidikan al-Islah sementara menuggu guru tetap hadir melaporkn diri.

Sekarang ni baru ak paham betapa susahnya menjadi seorang ckg.Kerje x bqenti2...,confirm cbuk.
Mula sblum mngajaq,mesti tulis BPM,Buku Persediaan Mengajar utk setiap masa yang akan kita ngajar setiap hari:

Lepas dah siap,mulalah hari yg baru.masuk kelas mst bawa BPM.Karenah bdk sekolah rendah ni memang menyakitkan otak dan jiwa,tapi selalu selalunya menambakan warna dalam kehidupan n jiwaku.

Bermula dari pkl 730pg~220ptg.aku pun naik la motosikal modenas 2 p skolah.berbekalkan lesen 'L'dan helmet warisan,aku pn memecut ke sekolah. xbley lambat,kena potong gaji nanti,hehehe
ak x pi skali nagn ibuku,sbb nanti agak lambat pulang ke rumah sbb ada mesyaurat,ak cam ckg sementara,x perlu msk msyuarat.lagipun bla ada moto bleh singgah mana2 suka hati.(rumah kawan laa)

Aku ngajar bdk tahun 2,3,4.subjek yg diajar Pendidikan seni,P Jasmani,akhlak,sirah,Fekah n Aqidah.
Ajaq budak sekolah rendah memang kena bnayak bersabar,ceria,tegas.Kalo x tegas,memang kena pijak la kpala kita ni.senagn je,bawa pembaris 1 meter,ketuk je kuat2.
"Sapa lagi nak cakap???!!!"-mesti semua diam punya...

Bila mula ngajar,letakkan syarat.Macam yg aku buat:
1-kelas mst bersih
2-berdiri n x bersuara
3-Sapa baik dilayan baik,sapa kurang ajar dilayan secara kurang ajar.

OK,baru ja msuk,dah kena jadi ckg bertugas.kalo dah ada lesen,mst kena la bwa sapa yg sakit ke klinik bermpiran.syukur gak sbb x ada lesen.Tugas guru bertugas:
1-uruskan pelajar sakit
2-isikan laporan harian
3-amik kelas pnya markah keceriaan
4-memantau pelajar pulang dari sekolah/keselamatan

terima kasih la bebanyak kat Muallimah Romaizah ngan Mualim Hasbullah yg bertugas denganku.mereka la yg tolong bg panduan dan membahagi tugas dengan adil.Time aku memantau,x bleh la nak cabut awai,kena tgk budak2.

Bila mula2 mgajar,kita mulakan dengan sentimen(main perasan) :
-dah makan blom?
-sesiap x chat?
-sesiapa yg pagi tadi solat subuh berjemaah?

Lepas pelajar2 bagi respon yg baik baru la kita mula mngajar.
"okey,semua bukak buku teks muka surat.....,tunjuk jari telunjuk kat perkataan ini .....bila Muallim beqenti,semua mst tunjuk kat perkataan yg muallim beqenti.Sapa x taw,kena la dgn pembaris ni."

Lepas ngajar buat la soal jawab sket,kuiz ka.Plaing penting kita kena
-banyak memuji bila mrk dapat jwab dgn baik
-menyebut ayat yg Memujuk,bukan "statement' yg terapung di awangan....

Ngantuk lah,nanti saya update lagi.
terima kasih kerana sanggup baca.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

~TawaKKaL & KaMbEng~

Bismillah,kepada sesiapa yg baru nak baca,cerita ni berkisar tentang macam mana kisah Tawakkal Insan Paling hebat kat dunia.....Kalau nak JADI org yg bertawakkal,jom baca smpai habeh....

Kisahnya bermula dengan pengembala kambing yg sedang menjaga kambing yg sgt banyak,luas tanah 2 macam 6 padang bola sepak,Beliau ialah Nabi Muhammad SAW.

Tiba2 ,datang seorang lelaki........
pabila melihat kambing yg sihat2 itu,matanya bersinar2....
Dalam hatinya,"uish!chat btoi kambing2 ni,msak beryani sedap nih!"

Lelaki itu lantas bertanya,"Wahai pemuda,siapakah pemilik kambing nih???sy sgt tertarik!!!"
Nb SAW,"milik kamu....kesemuanya.."
Nb SAW,"ya."

Lelaki tadi lantas MENANGIS mengucap kalimah SYAHADAH,teus memeluk Islam

Lelaki itu berkata" Aku memeluk Islam BUKAN kerana rezki  yg aku dapat, ttp
aku bertemu manusia yg x TAKUT KEFAKIRAN & tinggi tawakkal pd tuhan....."

Begitulah nb Muhammad SAW mengajar kita erti tawakkal dan berkorban.Baginda seekor pun x simpan utk dirinya,baginya Allah akan menggantikan yg LEBIh baik dari itu,

Kalau kita di tempat itu,adakah kita menyedekahkan kambing???
Menjual dengan harga muraH???
menjual  dengan harga mahal utk amin kesmpatan???

Sama2 kita bermuhasabah..............
Thanks 4 reading!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SPM was over......

Alhamdulillah,Thank You Allah the Almighty because the SPM was over.
I want 2 share with all of us about the results

I got a good(not so good) results alhamdulillah.
I got ,but there a lot of people more succed than me.It is my destiny,there must be "HIKMAH' in what the result that we got."Our Future depend on what we do in the present"

At the moment I got the results,Suddenly  I was thinking how am i in the Padang Mahsyar???

Am i get with my right hand?or my left hand?or from the back? (Nau'zubillah......)

Remember my friend!Allah knows what best for us......
Just think deeply and find the hikmah.....InsyaAllah we will find it.He is never far away.......He always hear our prayer...InsyaAllah,Allah willl shows us the right path.Amin.....

Here,I want to give special thanks especially my beloved PaRenNts(abi & ummi),my family,all the KISASian & SMKA SIKian teachers & Staffs, all my beloved friends.

I hope & pray Allah will reward the best 4 all of you......
In short,life must be go on~Just 'RedHa' and try our best 2 be a Worshipper ONLY for Allah~

"It is very easy 2 say but very difficult to do......".

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bestnya jadi fasilitator!!![UPDATED]


Alhamdulillah semalam dah selesai jadi fasi kat Smka Sik(4 n 5Mac),Program Tautan Ukhuwah utk form 1.
Program bermula dengan kehadiran semua fasi2(abg2 n kakak) yg mai(dtg) dari sg petani,gurun sahara,pendang,sik dalam noh........


Program mula dengan hari khamis,
1000am-ketibaan fasi,jumpa pengetua Tn Hj Alias,jumpa Kaunselor Smkas,C.Bukhori
1100am-pendaftaran penginapan di bilik sakit.....
1200pm-mesyuarat tentatif di bilik mesyuarat(firts time x da guru dalam mesyuart di bilik 2...)
330pm-Program pun Mula!!!!
perkenalkan diri fasi-ice breaking-pilih nama kumpulan-taklimat peraturan program(ana yg bagi...wajib pakai kasut cam kisas...hehe)-trademark kump msg2-perlantikan penghulu n penghuluwati...

600pm-main game-baling belon(sama cam KBI,kisas)
           -main straw pasing getah(sma cam MHi & TRAIN-U)

945pm-perkongsian motivasi(penceramah:1.Syamim.2Mursyi3.Syawal,aku malam 2jadi Mc ja...)
           -memang bes!cerita macam mana nak hidup di asrama n kunci kcmrlanagn dunia akhirat

Semangat betul la Akhi Zainal...Semua khusyu' mendengar......      
-lepas2 ada yang meluahkan perasaan,betanya bagaimana nak hilangkan rasa takut kat hantu/rindu  yg amat kat parents n ada gak komen pasal bilek PREP(x paham btol....)

Keesokan paginya..

800am-main Game ukhuwah
          -Cokuah(passing gula2 dari mulut ke mulut......(sapa x berus gigi mesti rasa perisa tambhan...hehe)
          -Pemandu celik,pnumpang buta (hampa angkat la sampai jumpa fasi masing2....kesian)

-Main junjung tepung........

Rehat.....pastu semua berkumpul masuk dalam dewan,main konji2 cha2(tepuk2,ala kem kepimpinan tokoh murid)

11am-majlis penutup....sedihnya...........
"abang mewakili semua fasi m'ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada pihak sekolah yg m'benarkan kami menjadi fasi n memberi kepercayaan penuh kpd kami utk.....bla...bla....,kepada adk2,abg nak dengar keputusan PMR 2012 yg TERBAIK dalam Negara................"-ucapan akhirku pada mjls penutup...


Kita mestilah jadi orang yg bermanfaat kepada orang lain.....,paling kurang marilah sama2 kita mnyumbang pada sekolah lama(jadi fasi/bagi bhn2 rujukan/notes) kita sbg tanda terima kasih atas segala didikan yg diberikan....

Paling penting ucap Alhamdulillah..........(syukur pada Allah) 
"jika kamu bersyukur pada ku,nescaya aku TAMBAH nikmat kepada kamu....."(surah Irahim:7)

Jom jadi hamba yg bersyukur.......

Wassalam,sekarang nak ciap nak pi amik rezult SPM kat kisas.....
malam nie ada solat hajat n bacaan Yassin,diconduct oleh studen sndri.....

Doakan kejayaan kami semua

"Ya Allah yang Maha pemurah,Kau berikanlah kami keputusan yang TERBAIK utk diri kami,masa depan kami,masa depan Islam...Amiiin.........."

mungkin lepas ni lambat sket la nak update coz busy nak isi borang2,apply itu ini n urusan sijil2....
kalo panjang umur kita jumpa lagi....

Thanks 4 reading!!!!
Wailal liqa',Massalamah...........