Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SPM was over......

Alhamdulillah,Thank You Allah the Almighty because the SPM was over.
I want 2 share with all of us about the results

I got a good(not so good) results alhamdulillah.
I got ,but there a lot of people more succed than me.It is my destiny,there must be "HIKMAH' in what the result that we got."Our Future depend on what we do in the present"

At the moment I got the results,Suddenly  I was thinking how am i in the Padang Mahsyar???

Am i get with my right hand?or my left hand?or from the back? (Nau'zubillah......)

Remember my friend!Allah knows what best for us......
Just think deeply and find the hikmah.....InsyaAllah we will find it.He is never far away.......He always hear our prayer...InsyaAllah,Allah willl shows us the right path.Amin.....

Here,I want to give special thanks especially my beloved PaRenNts(abi & ummi),my family,all the KISASian & SMKA SIKian teachers & Staffs, all my beloved friends.

I hope & pray Allah will reward the best 4 all of you......
In short,life must be go on~Just 'RedHa' and try our best 2 be a Worshipper ONLY for Allah~

"It is very easy 2 say but very difficult to do......".

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  1. Salam..hurm,betul tu abid,it is easy to say but it is hard to do,but no matter what we as the slave or excellent slave towards Allah we just have to accept what Allah has gave to us.Ingatlah dan sentiasa berpegang teguhlah dgn ayat2 Allah.."Tidak semestinya yg kamu rasa baik itu ada lah terbaik untuk kamu,dan tidak semestinya yg kamu rasa buruk itu adalah buruk untuk kamu"..wallahua'lam